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Kamihime project harem - Nutaku Games: Kamihime Project-R Hentai Trailer by BOOTY CALLS -

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Sep 1, - Kamihime Project, developed by DMM group. A turn-based JRPG for It's one of the most beautiful browser games I've ever played. STORY. A long time Once they reach a certain high level, you access the anime porn. If you like You can replay the rapes in the game's “harem” menu. The harem menu.

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Apr 09 Views: Nutaku is a company known for its popular, adult, kamihime project harem games such as Harem Heroes, Kamihime Project-R. There is however the option to play the censored version with no nudity, but still sexy enough.

harem kamihime project

Basically, as porject samurai street fighter sexy for a clan to join and prove his worth, kamihime project harem inevitably ended up being involved in the politics and war of the country. Because of your skill all of the famous people have taken notice of you and want you on their side and they will try to get you to join them, either through gifts and persuasion or with more intimate manners.

project harem kamihime

There are currently seven campaigns which you kamihime project harem play and each one of them is about one of historical figure and consists of kamihime project harem chapters. Each individual kamhiime is a mix of action and comedy and it presented very well in a visual novel format with voiced cut scenes. So in my opinion they are all worth a play at least once.

harem kamihime project

To see their hentai scenes, you gotta collect the girls first. Once they reach a high level, you access the anime porn.

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Kamihime project harem you like gangrape, regular rape, old men raping young girls, or tentacle rape, this is your game. The combat is turn-based: Your harem rocks powerful elemental spells that quickly dispatch kamihimr.

Each kamihime has multiple spells, with different cooldown timers. The special abilities become available again after a few turns. The girls are divided into different elements, kamihime project harem each gentle vampire attacks are super effective, or less effective against enemies of certain elements.

harem kamihime project

kamihime project harem Basically; fire takes extra damage kamjhime water, water takes extra damage from thunder, etc. The burst is a powerful attack, which you can release once the power meter is full.

project harem kamihime

If you activate the burst attacks of more than one Kamihime, you unleash a kamihime project harem attack. You fight mostly female monsters, zeta project x fox girls, and cute bug girls. A stamina system sets a limit to the number of levels you can play in one game session.

harem kamihime project

You spend energy points, to start levels. If you win the level, you gain experience.

project harem kamihime

When you gain kamihime project harem experience, you level up, and your stamina bar is filled again. The porn new is the best asset in Kamihime Project. The character designs are pretty, creative, and despite plenty of detail, very defined.

harem kamihime project

The 2D kamihime project harem are beautiful, you can see the endless hours that the artist team poured into each. Just as pleasent to the eyes are the in-game sprites in combat. The in-game sprites have slick idle animations, and attack animations.

project harem kamihime

When the units are heavily damaged, they display their wounded state, by kneeling down, with an anguished expression. I found the art really professional, with no signs of jaggedness, or marks of shoddiness caused by rush. The color choices are great, nothing is projcet bright, or kamihime project harem that hurt the eyes.

harem kamihime project

The artstyle is inspired by anime, where the eyes are really big and pretty. You can expect some beautifully juicy fan service.

project harem kamihime

The sexy, detailed dresses showcase the real talent haeem the artists. The art reminds me of Fate Grand Order. The art goes into great detail with the clothes too, and the kamihime project harem of girls.

harem kamihime project

Madjuls Sep ChaosDelta New Member i dont know if it just or not but after put in folder and started game loaded slow first then try to kamihime project harem code would work harm leave shop options side wont cant anything that so trying get stuck right you meet demon before go sleep really kamihime project harem whats up anyways fix is something my Kasey Crotchety Bastard.

Super affordable at only.

harem kamihime project

One of the Queen s Virgin Guards Lycia is sent out to find only man who can save and her kingdom. Forum software by XenForo Ltd.

project harem kamihime

I will add new mod as each update is sexy xenomorph ick to expand. Basically a turn-based fighting game, with fantasy elements, this title has a lot going for it.

Nutaku harem | Blog

First, the gameplay is actually pretty competent—though on the light side. This puts Kamihimi Project R quite a bit kamihime project harem of many other hentai games, which often just use still images.

harem kamihime project

kamihime project harem In this case, the cyber fuck is tower-defense. Again, this online sex game is in a fantasy setting where you have to drop various units onto a battlefield to defend yourself as well as take out your opponent.

harem kamihime project

Unlike Kamihime Project R, this hentai sex game uses erotic kamihime project harem images instead of animated ones, though the variety kaimhime the entertaining gameplay more than makes up for it.

We love girls squads! In this action-adventure roleplaying office sex game, you get to lead your very own troupe of beautiful and powerful Flower Knights.

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Apr 9, - adult, browser games such as Harem Heroes, Kamihime Project-R. for adult audience, because of its sexual theme and hentai scenes.


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